New for Fall 2015: A Digital History Project on Tudor and Stuart History

Welcome to Perspectives on Tudor & Stuart History (PTSH)! PTSH is a digital history project that is a part of the course HIST 3411: Tudor and Stuart Britain and Ireland at Fordham University, satisfying both the Advanced History Core and Eloquentia Perfecta 3 requirements.

Here’s the course description:

The Tudor dynasty ruled the kingdom of England, and later the kingdom of Ireland, from the accession of Henry VII in 1485 to the death of Elizabeth I. Elizabeth had died childless, and so rule of the kingdoms of England and Ireland passed to the Stuarts, who had ruled the independent kingdom of Scots since the fourteenth century. The Stuart dynasty thus reigned over the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland from James VI’s accession in 1603 to the death of Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch*, in 1714. This course will examine these constitutional intricacies and their wider political and religious consequences. Through close readings of primary sources and scholarly texts, we will consider this period’s epochal political, religious, social, and cultural transformations that reverberated for centuries.

(*Jacobites would disagree.)

Be sure to check back throughout the fall semester and beyond for posts on a range of topics related to the history of the British Isles and more during the Tudor and Stuart dynasties.

– Sal Cipriano